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A better way to experience nature

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Our mission is to provide our customers a hassle-free and comfortable, secure experience when enjoying the outdoors. Whether it be on a patio, in the wilderness or even in your own backyard we have the solution for you.

All of our structures have been designed to withstand heavy snow loads and heavy sunshine no matter what your climate is our structures are built to last. We have vetted numerous suppliers to ensure our domes are built with only the highest quality materials top to bottom, inside and out. You will not be disappointed to represent the Luna Glamping brand!

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Our Founders

Tyson Vinek

As a small town Alberta boy the great outdoors was where I found enjoyment, fun and excitement. Annual camping trips – fishing, hiking, exploring – were eagerly anticipated. But as I grew older, I realized I was naive to the efforts and tediousness of these adventures. Eventually, I came to realize it had been years since I had prioritized my passion for the remote outdoors and the simple beauty of the world, but I wanted to take the hassle out of it.

After exploring the world of RV’s, homestays and cabins, I knew there was something better to delve into. I started to do research and took all the things I loved about camping, and this is when I discovered glamping domes!

I started researching including all the things I loved about camping, and this is how I discovered glamping domes. After falling in love with the strong, unique, and versatile structures the sky was the limit. A few conversations among friends, some long hours sourcing materials then perfecting our design, and Luna Glamping was born. We have now taken our new found love of geodesic domes and utilized it for all kinds of uses that everyone can enjoy.


Jeff Cody

Growing up on the east coast of Canada brought on many outdoor adventures in my childhood. I fell in love with the outdoors and being exposed to nature which drove my love for camping, hiking and any outdoor activity. Camping with friends and family was always enjoyable though preparation tended to be tedious and time consuming especially when it came to shelter. After experiencing Glamping I immediately fell in love with the concept and had to learn more about this fun luxurious upgrade to camping without taking away the feel. Being outdoors was always my focus and starting Luna Glamping with a group of friends who shared the same passion with me was a dream come true.


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