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Yurt vs Bell Tent

What's The Difference?

Are you craving an authentic outdoor experience without compromising on comfort?

As you embark on your journey into the world of glamping accommodations, the choice between a yurt and a bell tent might be on your mind. These two iconic structures share an allure for the nomadic lifestyle, yet each possesses unique characteristics that can significantly impact your camping escapade. Let’s delve into the Yurt vs. Bell Tent debate, uncovering the nuances, similarities, and advantages.

Yurts and bell tents are often confused with one another and we understand why – from the outside, they look quite similar.

The main difference between these two is the composition of the structure itself. Modern yurts are circular wood-frame structures with vertical, lattice walls and rafters, then covered with a canvas material.

Their set-up is more complicated and time-consuming, yielding a more permanent, heavy-duty result. Given the composition of the yurt, it also requires a level surface underneath.

Bell tents are circular, soft-sided canvas tents supported with a center pole and guy lines, and are generally more versatile than a yurt.

Luna Glamping canvas bell tents are highly portable and easy to set up – do it yourself or with a friend in under 30 minutes! With multiple sizes and optional wood stove kit, we have bell tents to accommodate any size of family or event in any climate.

Advantages of a Canvas Bell Tent

Durability – made with an environmentally friendly cotton canvas and waterproofed for protection from the elements, your bell tent is made to last for years to come. Whether you’re hiking in the forest, relaxing at your favourite campsite or lounging in the backyard, your bell tent is the perfect companion.


Four Seasons – This is no ordinary tent. With a stove jack built into your weather-sealed canvas, you’ll feel at home in your bell tent in the middle of December and the middle of July. Whether you’re heading into the snow or flying away from it, your bell tent is right there with you.


Portability – Glamping has never been more convenient. Set up your bell tent on your own or with a friend in less than 30 minutes. And, when it comes time to move, put everything back in the carrying case, sling it over your shoulder, and hike to your next slice of heaven.

With a Luna Glamping bell tent, the sky is the limit.
Family camping trips? Check.
Portable yoga studio? Check.
Accommodations for your new eco-resort? Check.

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